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Hi, My name is...

Hi, My name is John. I have cerebral palsy. I'm totally body trapped but, I'm not mentally slow at all. I reason, think, learn, and understand like any other adult. I speak with a Dynavox. I have a 2 switch scanner with my Dynavox that I can only use with my knees. I have 6 zones that my left knee scans through, and I use my right knee to select. This is how I type and communicate. Although I'm really body trapped, I don't ever get sad at all. I believe God made me this way for a reason. Let me tell you more about myself. The reason why I have cerebral palsy is because, when I was being born, my oxygen was cut off from my brain, and I died in my mother's stomach. They did an emergency surgery on her to get me out. Then, they did CPR on me and brought me back to life again.

My Catholic faith has always been a really big part of my life. I wish to serve God with all of my heart, soul, and my mind, with everything, I can do for the glory of Him in the future. I already have dreams for myself but, above all, I only want what He wants me to do with my life, not me. For. God alone, is my true heart's desire, and I long to serve Him. I wanted to become a priest at one part of my life but, I know that dream couldn't come true, unless God totally heals me. Which, I don't think He'll do that. I strongly believe God will guide me on the right way in life. I will just have to trust in Him. For He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is our loving and merciful Father, and He wants everyone to trust in Him also.

I'm hoping to find work at St. Greg's somehow. I don't know what I could do in the parish yet just because how body trapped I am, but, I totally trust, that, God will guide me to do whatever he wants me to do with my life.

May the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the help of the Holy Spirit and, the glory of God the Father be with you all! Amen!

-- John

You can find John faithfully at Mass every week with his loving family. Feel free to say "hi" when you see him!

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