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I'm struggling

I'm struggling

Families Face ALL Kinds of Unexpected Needs.


Know Where to Get Help & Support.

Addictions, Counseling, Domestic Violence, Family Resources, Basic Needs (Housing, Food, etc)
Catholic Charities of Western NY (locations throughout all WNY counties)
Opiate/Prescription Drug Addiction
Save The Michaels of the World, Inc.
WNY Addiction Open Access Hotline
Domestic Abuse
Family Justice Center of Erie County
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Mental Health/Suicide
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Pornography, Extra-Marital Affairs, Sexual Addictions
Reclaim Sexual Health
Unplanned Pregnancy/Abortion Alternatives
Post Abortive Healing
Office of Pro-Life Activities
St. Gianna Pregnancy Outreach Centers
Project Rachel
Mother Teresa Home for Pregnant Women

Don't see what you're looking for?

Contact the crisis text line anytime for free support within 5 minutes: or text home to 741741 

Addictions, Counseling, Domestic Violence, etc.
Opiate/Prescription Drug Addiction
Domestic Abuse
Mental Heath/Suicide
Pornography, Extra-Marital Affairs, Sexual Addiction
Unplanned Pregnancy/Abortion Alternatives/Post Abortive Healing
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