About Catholicism


What are Sacraments?

Ever wonder why Catholics always talk about "Sacraments"? What are they and why do they matter? Check out these short videos!

Sacraments 101: Baptism (Why We Baptize)

Sacraments 101: Holy Orders (What Ordination Means)


Sacraments 101: Confirmation (Why We're Confirmed)

Sacraments 101: Penance (Why We Confess)


Sacraments 101: Matrimony (Why Make It Catholic)

Sacraments 101: Anointing of the Sick (Who It's For)


Sacraments 201: Eucharist (What We Believe)



Science & Religion

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Mary in 2 Minutes


What's up with Catholics and Mary? Do we worship her? Who is she?